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IHS Global Insight: Global Economic Outlook Conference

30 Mar 2010
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
168, Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur 55100
Registration Deadline: 23 March 2010
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As the global economy emerges from one of the deepest recessions of modern times, questions arise as to the strength of the nascent recovery. The massive fiscal and monetary stimuli adopted around the world provided support for growth when private investors stepped back and sought safe havens for their investments. As the first signs of rebounding growth are now evident, banking systems around the world remain under pressure, high public debt levels in many developed economies and fears about their sustainability are causing jitters in global bond markets, and commodity and other markets are showing strength not necessarily supported by fundamentals.

Against this backdrop, and despite the sharp declines of late 2008 and early 2009, Asia is enjoying one of the fastest and strongest recoveries.

Our conference will provide you with key information to help you improve your business strategy in Asia and globally. It will help you answer the following critical questions:
  • Is this recovery broad and sustainable, or merely based on the strength of a fiscally fuelled boom in China?
  • Is there a risk that monetary expansion will create new asset bubbles?
  • Will strong local currencies stifle future expansion?
  • Which sectors are likely to benefit most in the current cycle?
  • Are oil prices likely to rise further, or are they likely to revert to fundamentals and drop?
  • What is in store for global trade?

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