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Overvalued Markets Hardest Hit by Collapse of Housing Bubble

Market Nears Stabilizing after Roller Coaster Ride

Fourth Quarter 2009

Most Overvalued, Most Undervalued of the 330 Largest U.S. Metro Areas Examined

The updated quarterly study House Prices in America, using IHS Global Insight's extensive proprietary databases on the housing market, which includes data and forecasts for home prices, home sales, housing stock, and household income, examines current and expected housing prices and valuation in the 330 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

Study findings for the fourth quarter of 2009 show that house prices in the U.S. fell by only 0.1 percent quarter-to-quarter and are close to achieving stabilization. Despite economic conditions that remain dire and an unemployment rate that remains stubbornly high, stability in home prices is a good thing when compared with the wild peak-to-trough ride experienced by many of the nation's housing markets.

At quarter end, no metro areas were extremely overvalued and, in fact, for the nation as a whole, the housing market is now slightly undervalued.

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Full Study: House Prices in America—Q4 2009
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