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Chrysler Offers Up to $6,000 in Rebates to Stem Slide
By Mike Ramsey

07 May 09

“It’s nice, but it’s no longer a number that people go, ‘hey, wow!’” said Aaron Bragman, an automotive analyst at IHS Global Insight Inc. in Troy, Michigan. “These days, people expect to go to the dealer and get that.”

Detroit News

Fiat-Chrysler-Opel roadblocks look formidable
By Neil Winton

07 May 09

Global Insight analyst Tim Urquhart agrees that the coming German election might throw a spanner in the works of an Opel deal. And because no private investors are apparently interested, government support is crucial.

"The forthcoming German election means that the negotiations risk becoming a political football, which can only delay a swift resolution. Fiat appears to be relying on creating an entity with both Chrysler and Opel so large that government support is all but guaranteed. The strategy needs to work as no private organization will capitalize this project," Urquhart said.

Dow Jones

US Government Might Not Recoup Loans To GM - Analysts
07 May 09

Aaron Bragman, an automotive analyst with the consulting company IHS Global Insight, said that with a stake in the company, the U.S. government "will be left to wait, and hope that GM can pull out of this nosedive and be a successful company when this is done."

Independent (UK)

House prices and business confidence raise hopes of recovery
By Sean O'Grady

07 May 09

Howard Archer, the UK economist at Global Insight, said: "There are increasing signs that the housing market activity may have passed its worst point, helped by the substantial fall in prices and markedly reduced mortgage rates. Nevertheless, activity remains very low by past norms. Furthermore, housing affordability ratios are still above their long-term norms."

MarketWatch (WSJ.com)

U.S. productivity rises 0.8% in first quarter
By Ruth Mantell, MarketWatch

07 May 09

. . . Productivity gains are key to higher increased profits and low inflation. While the gain in productivity can mean good news for companies, it can mean bad news for job growth, wrote analysts at IHS Global Insight in a research note.

"IHS Global Insight expects productivity growth to turn sharply positive in the second and third quarters ... as companies continue to slash payrolls, but output growth begins to turn positive," according to Global Insight analysts. "As a result we expect employment growth to continue to lag output growth."

New York Times

Chrysler’s Future Likely to Hold Fewer Cars

07 May 09

As recently as 2007, Chrysler had 32 different models. By next year, that number could drop to as low as 13, according to industry analysts, as the company jettisons slow-selling models to make room in its dealerships for new Fiat models

But industry analysts, including Rebecca Lindland of the research firm IHS Global Insight, say the future of nearly everything else Chrysler builds is in doubt. “This is a nice time to be able to clean house and to make a clean sweep on your product line,” she said.

. . . Ms. Lindland said there was no reason to keep making the Sebring and Avenger, which are among the worst-selling midsize cars on the market. The automotive blog Jalopnik.com last week labeled the Sebring as one of 10 vehicles that helped drive Chrysler into bankruptcy.

. . . Chrysler would be better off, Ms. Lindland said, by focusing on the segments where it can do well and by abandoning others. “When you’re making a lot of money you can afford to have place-fillers,” Ms. Lindland said. “But you don’t have any luxuries anymore.”


Asian carmakers falter; rivals hit the gas in India
By Janaki Krishnan

07 May 09

"Japanese automakers, and particularly Toyota, have decided to reduce the amount of capex they'll spend globally over the next couple of years as they see out this downside, rather than continuing investment for when an upswing takes place," said Ian Fletcher, auto analyst at IHS Global Insight, a forecasting and research agency.


Bank of England to pump another £50bn into economy as it steps up recession fight
07 May 09

The Bank of England has pledged to pump another £50bn into the economy as it steps up efforts to haul the UK from its worst recession in at least two decades.
By Angela Monaghan

The decision means the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee will extend its programme of buying Government bonds from an initial £75bn to a total of £125bn within the next three months. The announcement came as the Bank left interest rates at 0.5pc - a move widely expected by economists.

"The Bank of England was always going to keep interest rates down at 0.5pc, but by expanding its quantitative easing programme by £50bn to £125bn indicates that the MPC believes that the economy still needs support despite recent mounting signs that the rate of economic decline is moderating," said Howard Archer, economist at IHS Global Insight.

The Miami Herald

Stress test sneak peek: Big banks still threaten economy
By Kevin G. Hall

07 May 09

. . . The results mean that banks are likely to continue to sit on money to build their balance sheets rather than lend it out amid a downturn that renders consumers and businesses less creditworthy. This lack of credit is a central reason why the economy has sunk.

"I think it's quite clear from the stress tests that we're not quite done with this financial crisis," said Nariman Behravesh, the chief economist for forecaster IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Mass. "The relevance for the economy as a whole is it will make banks more reluctant to make new loans."

The National (Abu Dhabi)

Oil find in northern Iraq
By Tamsin Carlisle

07 May 09

“This is extremely important,” said Samuel Ciszuk, the Middle East energy analyst for IHS Global Insight, the international consulting firm. “It really confirms a lot of the hopes that Iraq and Kurdistan have had, and it comes at an important time.”

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