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Global Rebalancing: Looking Beyond Short-term Challenges

While fears of a double dip have receded, there are still numerous challenges facing the global economy. Questions loom over how and when we will regain the balance that has eluded countries and industries since the financial meltdown crippled growth in the world economy.

Join the IHS World Economic Outlook Conference, where expert economists and renowned thought leaders will explore the theme Global Rebalancing: Looking Beyond Short-term Challenges.

The conference will feature in-depth discussions on the key issues, including:

  • Will the developed economies be able to avoid a "lost decade"?
  • Is debt restructuring in the Eurozone inevitable?
  • How can Southern Europe address competitiveness with the least pain?
  • How serious of a risk is a boom-bust in China and other emerging markets?
  • What are the risk/return tradeoffs in Africa and the Middle East?
Be a part of this important dialogue and reinforce your market strategy with invaluable insights from featured speakers:

Nariman Behravesh Chief Economist,
Stephanie Flanders Economics Editor, BBC
Adam Posen External Member of Monetary
Policy Committee
& Senior Fellow of PIIE

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