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The Tower Hotel
St Katharine's Way
London, United Kingdom
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Networking Opportunities

- Members' Dinner
- Luncheon Discussions
  with Our Experts

Event Agenda

Tuesday, 17 May

8:00        Registration and Breakfast
8:45        Welcome
Gino Ussi, Senior Vice President, IHS
9:00        Global Rebalancing: Looking Beyond Short-term Challenges
Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS
10:30        Coffee Break
11:00        Keynote: Recovery vs. Lost Decade
Adam Posen, External Member of Monetary Policy Committee & Senior Fellow of PIIE
11:45        The United States: Fiscal Facts and Fantasies
Nigel Gault, Chief U.S. Economist, IHS Global Insight
12:45        Lunch
14:00        European Sovereign Debt: Will the New Plan Work?
Chair: Jan Randolph, Director of Sovereign Risk, IHS Global Insight
            Michael Heise, Chief Economist, Allianz Group
            Janet Henry, Chief European Economist, HSBC
            Diego Iscaro, Senior Economist, IHS Global Insight
15:00        Energy: Future of Green Energy
Chair: Michael Stoppard, Managing Director, IHS CERA
            Jim Long, Managing Director, Ecofin
            Eduard Sala de Vedruna, IHS Emerging Energy Research
            Andy Barrett, Senior Associate, IHS CERA
15:45        Coffee Break
16:00        Is the Economic Policy Mix Right for the United Kingdom?
Chair: Howard Archer, Chief European Economist, IHS Global Insight
            Larry Elliott, Economics Editor, The Guardian
            Chris Giles, Economics Editor, Financial Times
            David Smith, Economics Editor, The Sunday Times
17:00        Cocktail Reception
Xi Bar, The Tower Hotel
18:30        Members' Dinner
Bridge Suite, The Tower Hotel

Join us for dinner against the stunning backdrop of Tower Bridge and the River Thames

Wednesday, 18 May

8:00        Registration and Breakfast
8:45        Welcome
Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS
9:00        Keynote: The Economy—A Year on with the Coalition Government
Stephanie Flanders, Economics Editor, BBC
10:00        European Long-term Competitiveness: A Global Leader or a Laggard?
Chair: Sonia Pangusion, Senior Economist, IHS Global Insight
            Manuel Balmaseda, Chief Economist, CEMEX
            Timo Klein, Senior Economist, IHS Global Insight
            Paul J.J. Welfens, Professor, University of Wuppertal and European Institute for International Economic Relations
11:00        Coffee Break
11:30        The Economic Evolution of Asia: Developmental and Policy Challenges
Chair: Rajiv Biswas, Chief Asia-Pacific Economist, IHS Global Insight
            Guy de Jonquières, Senior Fellow, European Centre for International
            Political Economy
            Xianfang Ren, Senior Analyst, IHS Global Insight
12:30        Lunch: Roundtable Discussions with Our Experts
We invite each delegate to join a table hosted by one of our experts for a discussion of key issues affecting the global economy
13:45        Central Europe and Russia: Rapid Recovery or Post-crisis Hangover?
Chair: Zbyszko Tabernacki, Vice President, Economics and Country Risk,
            IHS Global Insight
            Evgeny Gavrilenkov, Chief Economist, Troika Dialog
            Grzegorz Kolodko, Professor, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland
            Ralf Wiegert, Senior Economist, IHS Global Insight
14:30        Middle East and Africa: In the Eye of the Storm Again
Chair: Gala Riani, Manager of MENA Country Analysis, IHS Global Insight
            Robert Lind, Chief Economist, Anglo American Plc
            Ronel Oberholzer, Principal Economist, IHS Global Insight
            Dave Sloggett, Senior Research Associate, University of Reading
15:15        Coffee Break
15:30        The Automotive Industry: Ready for Transformation?
Chair: Christoph Stürmer, Research Director, OEM Strategy, IHS Automotive
            Andrew Fulbrook, Senior Manager, IHS Automotive
            Nigel Griffiths, Chief Automotive Economist, IHS Automotive
16:15        Assessing Supply Chain Risk: Costs, Parts Availability, and Logistics Pressure Manufacturing Supply Chains
Chair: Katherine Lewis, Senior Manager, IHS Global Insight
            Andrea Borruso, Director of Middle East Operations, SRI Consulting
            Chris Pälsson, Director, IHS Fairplay
            Eric Pratt, Vice President, iSuppli
17:00        Closing Remarks
Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS